Alert: SEC's ground-breaking carbon rule (1)

Means An Unprecedented Market Opportunity Is Now Unfolding…

Base Carbon offers everyday investors access to the coveted US$10-25 billion carbon markets. (12)

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5 Reasons Base Carbon Could Be a Great Way to Play the Upsurging Carbon Credit Market

United StatesStated Securities and Exchange Commission has turned up the heat on achieving the goal of Net Zero Carbon by 2030 with a new, stringent mandate. (1)

The world's largest corporations with the most ambitious climate commitments have pledged to cut emissions to zero or even capture more carbon than they actually emit. (8)

Base Carbon Inc. (NEO: BCBN) (OTCPK: BCBNF) is one of the only pure-play ESG companies the average investor can leverage to gain access to the carbon credit market.

Base Carbon currently owns 49.9% of Hardwick Climate Business Limited (HCBL) opening a global pipeline of projects that represent > $400 million of potential capital. (4)

Base Carbon’s investment will fund the distribution of 250,000 fuel-efficient cookstoves, reducing the consumption of wood by at least 71%. Distribution is planned to begin in mid-2022 and to be complete within six months. (5)

The time for talk is over. Governments and corporations across the planet are converging on one objective. Net zero carbon.

On March 21, 2022, U.S. SEC Chairman Gary Gensler just fired a loud shot across the bow. He stated, “the Commission is considering a proposal to mandate climate-risk disclosures by public companies.” (1)

This could have a massive ripple effect on every publicly listed stock in North America. They will have to create new departments to deal with coming climate accounting in their financial statements. (3)

What we are witnessing is truly a once-in-a-lifetimeonce in a lifetime opportunity unfolding. Especially for companies like Base Carbon Inc. (NEO: BCBN); (OTCPK: BNBNF).

Net Zero Carbon Reform Has Triggered a Potentially Massive Under-the-Radar Carbon Credit Market

Right now Base Carbon is a tiny $85.5 million market cap company (6) with the foundation of a large cap and a simple and targeted business model. The company is a capital allocator to the upstream voluntary carbon market which is driven by the net zero voluntary commitments companies are making – which is growing exponentially day by day.

They use their capital and expertise in the carbon markets to finance these carbon emission reduction projects. The objective is to work with partners in developing voluntary credits to help corporations, sovereign entities and educational institutions offset carbon emissions and meet their climate obligations.
According to GFANZ Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero $130 trillion has been mobilized for net zero targets around the world. (2)

If you do the math, with a global population of 7.9 billion people, that’s nearly $16,500 per living person on the planet today. (7)

The world’s largest corporations with the most ambitious climate commitments have pledged to cut emissions to zero or even capture more carbon than they actually emit.

An analysis of data from the UNFCCC’s Race to Zero campaign, Net Zero Tracker project, and financial records shows that among those companies are a number of household names like Starbucks, Comcast, Microsoft, and Netflix. Overall, however, less than 15% of the world’s largest 3,000 companies have any sort of vetted climate commitment. (8)

The rules and regulations are being created right before our eyes. And Base Carbon Inc. (NEO: BCBN); (OTCPK: BNBNF) is primed to be one of those successful companies that could make it to the big leagues.

Base Carbon: a Simple But Brilliant Strategy with Three Significant Competitive Advantages

Advantage #1: The High-Powered Leadership Team

The first and most significant competitive advantage has to be their team and experience. They have already underwritten and developed carbon projects and managed large portfolios of capital. The team has also run and governed public companies.

Together the team has over 80 years of money management experience and have developed over 40 discreet carbon projects. This includes more than 13 C-suite roles and Board of Director roles. (9)

While it is a new industry for financial and public markets, the Base Carbon management team has the experience and understanding to navigate all the nuances and unchartered territories.

Advantage #2: The Reverse Take Over

Base Carbon raised over $50 million in a brokered deal or Reverse Take Over (RTO). (10)

Unlike a traditional IPO, RTO disclosure documents are generally not reviewed by securities commissions, only by the exchange on which they propose to list. Although this reduces the regulatory burden on issuers, it also dispenses with an important element of investor protection. (11)

This provided significant cash flow for scale.

Advantage #3: Catching the Early Phase of an Enormous Growth

The carbon markets could be in the same stage as early oil exploration companies of over 100 years ago.

We could see this hockey stick growth over the next 24 months. The adoption curve is real. Hundreds of public companies are on their way and there’s no going back.

Think about this: the value of the primary Voluntary Carbon Market grew by 190% in 2021 to just under US$1 billion. While the voluntary carbon markets are projected to increase from US$ 0.4 billion in 2020 to US$ 10-25 billion per year in 2030. (12)
The carbon markets could be in the same stage as early oil exploration companies of over 100 years ago. (13)

We could see this hockey stick growth over the next 24 months. The adoption curve is real. Hundreds of public companies are on their way and there’s no going back.

“Every company and every industry will be transformed by the transition to a net zero world. The question is, will you lead, or will you be led?”

-- Larry Fink, CEO Blackrock (14)
The ability offer the average investor to gain access to this market is few and far between. Especially a pure play like Base Carbon Inc. (NEO: BCBN); (OTCPK: BNBNF).

Here’s How Base Carbon Does Their Magic

“Carbon offsets can help in the transition to net zero.”

-- Financial Times (15)

Hardwick Climate Business Ltd: A High-Value Piece and Attractive Business Asset

Base Carbon is completing a strategic acquisition currently owns 49.9% of Hardwick Climate Business Limited (HCBL) (currently owns 49.9%) . They’ve been active in carbon markets since the beginning of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (“EU ETS”). (4)

HCBL works with major international corporations to identify and develop large scale carbon reduction projects, drawing from a wide portfolio of investable opportunities around the world.

The development of investable carbon reduction projects will be pursued jointly by Base and HCBL going forward.

This Opens a Global Pipeline of Multiple Projects that Represents > $400 Million of Potential Capital

Base Carbon Inc. is Moving Quickly and in a Big Way in Rwanda

A single fuel-efficient stove can save nearly three tons of greenhouse gas emissions per year. In fact, the stoves can cut fuel bills by over a third. (5)

Since 2012, DelAgua has been partnering with the Rwandan government to distribute free innovative fuel-efficient cookstoves under the Tubeho Neza (“Live Well”) brand.

DelAgua’s project is expected to benefit two million rural Rwandan homes.

Base Carbon’s investment will fund the distribution of 250,000 fuel-efficient cookstoves, reducing the consumption of wood by at least 71%. Distribution is planned to begin in mid-2022 and be complete within six months. (5)

The Tubeho Neza project is the largest of its kind in the world, delivering a total of ~2.3 million cookstoves to rural Rwandan households.

Base Carbon’s Future Includes the Technology to Monetize

Base Carbon has a strategic relationship with Abaxx Technologies for the use of infrastructure and tools applied to greenhouse gas emission reduction projects. (4)

Abaxx’s technology connects multiple disparate data sources for verification and multi-party document management.

Leveraging Abaxx’s technology, will allow Base Carbon to develop a complete integration of carbon supply chain, from first-milefirst mile data capture to exchange-tradedexchange traded digital assets.

2.5% gross revenue royalty payable to Abaxx for technology license and Base Carbon Inc. (NEO: BCBN); (OTCPK: BNBNF) is currently evaluating six projects in advanced negotiations and/or development with potential for near-term capital deployment.

Experienced, Success-Driven Management Team Guides Base Carbon Inc.

One of the most important factors that helphelps determine the success of any company is the quality of its management team.

Simply put, investors should look for leadership with a proven history of delivering success within the sector when evaluating any opportunity.

In the case of Base Carbon Inc (NEO: BCBN); (OTCPK: BCBNF), there is a wealth of experience with successful carbon-experienced executives including…

Michael Costa – Chief Executive Officer & Director

Michael is passionate about the role of global financial markets in addressing climate change and is a firm believer in channeling investment toward innovation in emission reduction projects. He has successfully built and overseen multiple principal investment platforms as well as sourced, structured, and executed numerous public and private debt and equity principal investments.

He previously served as an Executive and Head Portfolio Manager at CMP Funds (Dundee Corporation), UBS Canada Principal Investing, and Goldman Sachs Canada Special Situation Group.

Philip Hardwick – Chief Operating Officer

Philip leads the origination, structuring, and operations of the company’s project portfolio. He provides advisory services to sovereign entities, multinational corporations, and institutional financial firms regarding investments in emission reduction and environmental impact projects. His specialized competencies include project origination, financial analysis, operational management, emission credit methodology formulation, and accreditation.

He has deep expertise in carbon markets having participated in Environmental Markets’ growth with over 20 years of Investment Banking and Financial experience in the field of Energy and Climate Change. Previous roles include Director at J.P. Morgan and Director at Barclays. HCBL is an advisor to Governments in Europe, Asia, and Latin America on matters of Green Finance, Carbon Markets, and Environmental Economics.

Andrew Fedak – Chief Strategy Officer & Director

Andrew leads the organization's technology vision, marketing, and communications strategy, in addition to organizational development and business plan. He has successfully launched projects and scaled companies in software, emission capture technology, natural resources, and environmental impact.

In addition to his role at Base Carbon, he is a founder and serves as CSO at Abaxx Technologies and was a founder and executive at NoMoVo Emission Capture, Coffee Cherry Co, Fiji Kava Co, Onvia, Avolo, and SunCommerce.

Wes Fulford – Chief Financial Officer

Wes is a capital markets professional with broad experience in corporate strategy, development, and governance. He oversees the strategic management of the accounting, financial planning, and finance functions.

He has spent 15 years in investment banking and asset management primarily based in Toronto, Canada, leading the Fintech and Financial Institutions investment banking practice for Desjardins Capital Markets. During his career as an investment banker, Wes has been directly involved in financing and mergers, and acquisition transactions valued at over $7.2 billion.

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Company Information

Base Carbon Inc. engages in the business of providing capital, development expertise, and management operating resources to projects involved primarily in voluntary carbon markets and the broader ESG economy. Base Carbon Corp. is based in Toronto, Canada.